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Age: 39

Place of Birth: England

Dan Bowser


Having worked as a personal trainer for 4 years Dan has enabled clients with a wide range of requirements to achieve their goals. Starting with correctional exercise & using his knowledge of muscle systems from his training in Sports Massage Dan has helped all of his clients to date achieve amazing results by  safely pushing them to achieve their best whilst having fun doing so.


Dan believes that consistency, fun and variety are the keys to success in all aspects of training & can often be seen using the equipment in unusual ways to get the best results. The pinnacle of this approach is the Tabata classes which he holds every Tuesday evening. This fast-paced training method provides the ideal mix of weight training & cardio blasting to get you the fittest you can be in the minimum time. It is also one of the most efficient ways to lose unwanted body fat.


Dan is also a great Sports Massage practitioner who understands that sometimes the correctional exercise just isn’t enough & a good massage will get those aches & pains sorted much more quickly. He is not known to have the lightest touch but very effective at getting to the route of the problem and ironing out those knots.