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As a member of Sound Mind and Body you will enjoy benefits people at other gyms can’t even dream of. We are committed to look after you, make you feel special and make every aspect of the Sound Mind and Body experience an absolute pleasure. Treat yourself with the health and fitness experience you deserve and receive all the benefits it can offer you:


  • State-of-the-art training equipment
  • Free initial consultation
  • One free personal training session when you join
  • Outstanding personalised training experience
  • Luxury environments and changing rooms
  • Exclusive members lounge
  • Complementary cold towels and mineral water in the gym
  • Fresh healthy snacks and complementary hot drinks in the Executive Lounge
  • High quality beauty products and towels supplied in the changing rooms
  • Concierge service
  • Full access to the gym every day of the week 06:00-10:00pm
  • And most of all – the personal touch and attention you deserve


Unlike mainstream gyms, when you join Sound Mind and Body, you don’t have to pay any joining fees, there are no long term contracts, and there are no peak or off peak rates. Everyone pays a single flat fee of £50 a month and you can cancel at any time you want.


We don’t want to tie you in with a long-term contract as we feel that is unfair to you. If you are going to be working away from home for a long period of time or if you are going on a long holiday you can even pause your membership so that you don’t have to pay for when you can’t use the gym. This is also ideal for local students who are only in Newcastle during their holidays or students at Newcastle and Northumbria who want to use the gym only during the academic year. 



But don’t just take our word for it. Here is what our clients have to say about their experience at Sound Mind and Body:


Not quite your average gym

I have found Sound Mind and Body an oasis to calm in a busy day. If Carlsberg did gyms, it would probably be Sound Mind and Body. It is also cleaner than any other gym I’ve used before.


My life has been transformed since I started training with my trainer. He pushes you hard and yet he is incredibly supportive, really encourages you in your efforts at the same time. He is also definitely the most discrete person I have ever met. All your guilty secrets are safe with him.


A therapist who gets you fitter – what more could you want?


There are also lots of fun classes where it’s all about taking part not how fit you are. Spoken as an averagely fit 54 year old.


   – Lawyer, Age 54



Best Gym in the North East

Sound Mind and Body is the best gym in the North East providing an unparalelled experience that has allowed me and will allow you to reach your goals. 


   – Racing Driver, Age 22



Sound Mind and Body – a Transformational Experience

At 59 and many ‘stones’ overweight, chronically anxious and feeling pretty down about myself I started to work with Dominic who is one of the trainers at Sound Mind and Body. His respect, understanding, humour, firmness, focus, and outstanding skills as trainer have enabled me to:


  • take control of my eating
  • lose stones of weight
  • enjoy and take a real interest in all types of exercise
  • feel good about myself
  • think with greater clarity
  • enjoy life again


The gym is an extremely pleasant place to be in, with a professional yet family like feel. I have received fantastic support on my journey to fitness from staff and clients. Such is my confidence that I am now able to enjoy a range of classes at the gym


A big thank you to all at Sound, Mind and Body!!!


   – Director, Age 59 



Why Chose SMB?

Dominic and the team provide the best training & fitness facility in the north east, were they are unique is the attention to detail, the customer service and the general knowledge they have of each and every client.


Their training is supportive and energising and even when you think they are not watching , they are, constantly providing guidance , support and opportunities to enhance your overall fitness and well being.


It really is the place to go if you are serious about improving your overall fitness in an excellent environment with true professionals of the industry.


Managing Director – Consultancy