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How going to the gym will help you ace your exams.

This year’s public exam period is ending, but in preparation for next year’s exam cycle, here are some reasons you should continue or start going to the gym while revising for your exams.

Exercise can be a great outlet for energy while revising, and easily incorporated into an effective revision timetable. Planning when you are going to revise is important, but so is planning when you are going to take a break. Taking a break from your revision to exercise will not only give you a break from sitting, but it will improve your cognitive function by increasing blood flow to your brain, which will improve problem solving skills, memory and concentration for longer time periods.

Achieving your fitness goals is also great for boosting motivation and improving your mood, in turn improving your energy levels, which will make it easier to stay alert while revising. A confidence boost in the gym will translate to a confidence boost in your academic performance as well. Going to the gym routinely will also help you structure your day and keep to your planned timetable, as it will improve your time management skills as well as help you stay disciplined.

The revision period can be a lonely time for many, with limited social interaction with people outside of your family at home. While you may meet up with friends for group study sessions, it is also important to maintain a social life in non-exam related situations. Socialising at the gym can help you network and find people who can support you during this stressful period of your life. You could also bring a friend to the gym and workout together, motivating each other to work hard while revising as well as while in the gym. Going to the gym at Sound Mind and Body will help you meet people, whether that is on the gym floor or during one of our many classes we offer throughout the week.

Tips and advice for going to the gym while studying:

  • Find a time that works for you and stick to it as much as you can, as fitting a gym session into your daily routine is the best way to stick to it. You might want to trial different times of day to see what works best for you, as some people prefer a morning workout to set a positive tone for the day, while others might prefer an afternoon session in between their study hours. An evening session might be ideal if you find exercise helps you sleep better.
  • Join a class if you would prefer to exercise without having to plan a session. There are several classes throughout the week at Sound Mind and Body at all times of day, including the evening.
  • Find some podcasts on the subjects you are revising and listen to them during your workout through your headphones. This can help you revise and take in knowledge while still taking a break from the books and the screens.
  • Stretch to reduce stiffness and discomfort. During intense study people sit for hours in the same position. This creates stiffness in your back, neck and hips. Adding a few simple stretches at the beginning and end of a workout can transform how you feel and take away any pain so you can concentrate on the subject you’re studying.
  • Have a massage. This may sound like a luxury, but spending hours in one position can have painful consequences. The masseur will help you relax, release the muscle tension and prevent you becoming stiff.
  • Book a session with a personal trainer. This means you totally switch off. Turn up do the workout, have a stretch, and hit new personal best and leave feeling refreshed, confident and ready to hits the books again.

Going to the gym during the revision period does not have to end once exams are over. Building a routine involving regular exercise is something you can take with you throughout your life, and developing confidence in the gym environment from a young age will be beneficial to you as you move through different life stages in the future.

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